Spatial Nature Conservation Monitoring

Definition & Derivation of Scale Specific Biodiversity Indicators

Local research hypotheses and mapping:
  1. Ecological restoration potentials: Assessment of understory vegetation in forest areas
  2. Phenological heterogeneity: Spatial mapping of fruit and flower proportions
  3. Drought Impact: Spatial mapping and quantification of dead plant material
  4. Calluna vulgaris plant structure: Quantification of life-cycles and growth status parameter
  5. Mowing Impacts: Mapping potential regrowth capacity
Regional habitat assessment and mapping:
  1. Natura 2000 Monitoring: Spectral conservation status assessment
  2. Indicator Species: Mapping the regional distribution of selected habitats


Global, European & National Earth Observation networks:
  1. Defining Indicators: Application of policy goals and allocation of Essential Variables
  2. Implementing workflows: Model transfer into software and web applications
  3. Contributing knowledge: Communication and implementation at administrative levels


images & text by Dr. Carsten Neumann